Dover men

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Dover men   The Dover pants are very functional outdoor pants equipped with DRY PLUS and Polygiene®. The...


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Dover men

The Dover pants are very functional outdoor pants equipped
with DRY PLUS and Polygiene®. The combination of
these two technologies guarantees that the moisture is
rapidly transported away from the body, and prevents the
growth of odour-causing bacteria or fungi. This regulates
your microclimate and keeps you dry and cool at all
times. The pre-formed knees, the stretch fabric and the
integrated belt ensure perfect fit. The bottom leg zippers
enable you to comfortably wear the Dover pants with both
light low-cut outdoor shoes as well as higher hiking
boots. Great garment for travelling. Also available in special
sizes for longer or shorter legs.
Material: 94% Nylon, 6% Spandex
Features: pre-formed knees, integrated belt,
bottom-zip opening, stretch
Technology: DRY PLUS moisture, Polygiene®
Technology Description
DRY PLUS Climate Regulation DRY PLUS Climate Regulation

Clothing with DRY PLUS by McKINLEY features both highest comfort and a cool and pleasant body climate management. DRY PLUS is a fibre technology that rapidly transports moisture away from the body. There is a broad range of different DRY PLUS performance fibres and applications.

DRY PLUS Climate Regulation: rapidly drying and antibacterial fibre. Used for first layer garments, functional T-shirts and shirts.
Polygiene Polygiene

Sweat itself is odourless but tends to create the perfect environment for odour-causing bacteria to multiply. When sweat mixes with odour-causing bacteria on fabrics, odour results. Polygiene® is a highly effective antimicrobial technology using natural silver salt in low concentrations to safely inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi. Polygiene® does not affect the natural bacterial flora of your skin. Without odour-causing bacteria, you stay fresh.

Polygiene® meets the highest standards of skin safety and hygiene. It does not interfere with the skin’s natural bacterial flora and is approved for use on open wound bandages. Polygiene® is bluesign® approved, meeting the most demanding environmental certification for textiles, and is on the Oeko-Tex® list of approved products.

Stretch Stretch

Stretch materials are used in many of the McKINLEY products.

The elastic nature of the material provides good stretch/recovery ensuring exceptional fit, comfort and ease of movement for the user.

Name Value
pre formed knee
Bottom Adjustment
Integrated belt